Action Figure – Squirrel Woman


They ask, “Squirrel or girl?” We say it doesn’t matter, we don’t judge our strange friends. Maggie, who wears our Squirrel Mask all the time, wants to hang out and watch Japanese music videos with you while writing limericks about the best sandwiches she’s ever eaten. This hard vinyl 3-3/4” action figure will be with you through thick and thin. Maggie Squirrel is also a doctor and artist. She has devoted her life to healing the sick and doing paintings of Abraham Lincoln doing odd things like playing badminton and shopping for underpants. One of her paintings, Abraham Lincoln making a macaroni necklace for his mother, recently sold for over $5,000.

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  • Action figure with squirrel head
  • 3-3/4” tall vinyl figure
  • Wants to be your friend
  • Strange


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