Bendy Sour Pickle


The Bendy Sour Pickle isn’t one of those smiling, happy personified foods that the vegetable lobby tries to shove down your throat. This pickle has a truly sour look on his face. He doesn’t care if you eat pickles or not, what business is it of his? He’s happy to just float in his brine and judge the faults of everything else on his shelf of the fridge. (That eggplant is really stuck up; and will that yogurt ever stop talking about how healthy it is? What jerks!) It’s made of soft vinyl, 5″ tall and has bendable limbs. Its 3D illustrated card folds out to reveal a refrigerator shelf filled with happy veggies.

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  • Bendable vinyl pickle
  • 5” tall
  • Use packaging as backdrop for pickle
  • Grumpy expression and bendy limbs


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