Office Possom


As much as you dream that it will eventually happen, you probably wouldn’t actually want a live possum as an officemate. Sure, you’d constantly get the affectionate glare and toothy smile that we’ve come to expect from possums, but they’re kind of stinky and play dead every time their phone rings. Our stuffed latex Office Possum is designed to hang on the side of your garbage can or computer monitor. Can also be used on kitchen trash cans, television sets or sneeze guards. Just bend its posable paws to hang this 15″ possum or bend its tail to give a sassy pose. It even comes in an illustrated box that looks like a trash can.

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  • Stuffed 15” latex Possum
  • Bendable paws and tail
  • Perfect for hanging on trash cans or monitors
  • Will be your friend no matter what


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